Sunday, July 5, 2009

Become a Follower on My Blog, Please!

A Note On Blogging

I'm tracking reader activity in the blog and I'm thrilled to see I have quite a number of people checking out the blog, and some are spending a good deal of time here. (It's always soul crushing to see the people who stay on the site for five seconds. Maybe I should put some kind of freaky picture up so they'll at least hang around to see what it is!)

But anyway, I love having readers! I spend a good time doing research and writing this, and I'm trying to make most posts educational or informative in some way on the weight loss question. (I'm holding back from wandering off into describing my day, etc, if you know what I mean.) So, if you are enjoying the blog, please become a follower. And please feel free to make comments or suggestions, or ask questions. I think interaction will help me understand what people are looking for in a blog on lapbanding.

I've also got adsense running on the blog, as you can see. If you see anything there that interests you, please check it out by clicking on the link. This is a way for me to get a little bit of money from doing the blog, and it helps with my astoundingly expensive Amazon habit. (I'm ordering cook books, exercise equipment, cooking equipment, books on the psychological problems of overweight people, and lots more. So any little adsense money will help. I'm hoping that if I get enough readers at some point I'll be able to qualify to receive some books free to review.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I see an increase in followers and comments, too.
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Angie said...

def some interesting blog posts and ideas... thanks for writing!