Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Interesting Articles About Weight Loss

If you feel like doing a little reading, these are some interesting articles I found today that relate in some way to our situation as lap banders.

What's the Best Diet? Eating Less Food I always suspected this was true lol.

Eat Less and Live Longer:
An unexpected benefit of banding?

Eating Disorders in Middle Age : I included this one because I thought it was interesting. Soon, everyone in America is going to be Anorexic or Bulemic! Notice the guy who says women are totally freaked out about their bodies. Americans really are reaching crisis proportions when it comes to our concern about our appearances.

Tara Stiles: What's In the Fridge? Three Reasons To Cook Your Own Meals A little encouragement to eat at home when the fast food is singing its siren song!

'Superfoods' Everyone Needs Good for you, and yummy too! 
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