Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cookbooks for Lapbanders: Today, Low Fat Cooking

More Information on Changing the Way You Cook

I'm six weeks in and already I can see that a key to success with this diet is to be sure that the few bites of food you get must be pretty darn exciting, and get that way without being filled with fat. So I'm doing more research on fat free and low carb cook books. Secrets of Fat-Free Cooking : Over 150 Fat-Free and Low-Fat Recipes from Breakfast to Dinner-Appetizers to Desserts looks like it is going to help me a lot. This book requires a lot of reading, but if you like to cook at all you'll appreciate learning new ways to cook without the fat while still keeping the flavor high enough to please your non-dieting family members and friends. Check this one out to get you started with low fat cooking. It gives a lot of alternative ways to up the flavor without the fat.

Taste of Home Low Fat Country Cooking is a cookbook you'll want if you like home cooking and can't stand using tons of specialty ingredients. The book is only available used on Amazon, but it makes a nice addition to your cook book shelf, and one you should check out if your family likes simple, comforting meals.

The Low-Fat Good Food Cookbook: For a Lifetime of Fabulous Food is another book to try. The authors of this book guarantee the food will taste good. That was reassuring. If its not good, I'll only eat it once, then I'm moving on!

The Best-Kept Secrets of Healthy Cooking: Your Culinary Resource to Hundreds of Delicious Kitchen-Tested Dishes is also by Sandra Woodruff. It contains her "best" and "favorite" recipes. This stresses easy low fat cooking, and has a huge variety of recipes. Yum, yum, I can't wait to start cooking with this.

Tomorrow I'll continue with some more book reviews and other suggestions. Yes, I'm obsessed with food. Yes, I want my food to be GOOD. Even if it takes 100 cook books, I'm going to find the best ones. I hope you'll share your reaction to these with me. I'm thinking a collection of low fat cook books that emphasize strategies and alternative ingredients paired with some really good low carb books will allow me to approximate some of the delicious meals I've been famous for for the last 40 years.
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