Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Magnifying My Issues: Time for a Makeover!

Taking Care of Me

Ever feel like you're last in line for your own attention? I do, all the time. Especially this last 12 months, when people in my family have been sick, I've had four operations myself, my daughter is... well, my ADD and highly spirited daughter, and the list goes on. So I'm trying to take some time and take care of myself.

It's hard, though. I'd rather do nothing than concentrate on myself. Sad, I know, but I think a lot of us do this. For example, I will crash in front of the tube and just veg out rather than give myself a facial. Just seems like too much trouble. So, in the spirit of being more self aware in all ways, I'm trying to get back into a little self care.

Step One: A Long Look in (a couple of) Mirror(s) 

Oh, Boy. Time to face my... face. First, I bought myself the Conair TM7L-320 Illumina Three panel Make-up Mirror w/4 Light Settings. I had one of these all through college, and it lasted about 20 years. Then one day, much to my shock, it died. That was about a year ago and I had never replaced it. I've been putting my makeup on using a vanity mirror and overhead light since it died, and the results had been a little scary.

In the spirit of facing facts, I also bought a Cheval Walnut Finish Mirror. This is a full length mirror, and if I'd had it before I probably wouldn't have had to have a lap band in the first place. It lets me know how I look, and I need to know.

My Gameplan 

Once I could see what I looked like, I realized that I needed some help. I am a person who uses medium priced makeup unless I can get it super cheap. Same with moisturizer, etc. But I am 51, and I want to stay looking that way for at least  20 years. 

So I started with Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex, Fragrance Free - 1.7 fl oz, which is the best moisturizer, at any cost, you can buy. Really! They've done several studies and this stuff always comes out on top. It makes you feel comforted and refreshed. And it really does make your skin look better, and in a day or two. I'm on day two, so I know.

Looking closely at my face made me realize how pale and colorless I am. I am a "no sun" person. My skin is so white even the porcelain color of base can look dark on me. For the past couple of years I've been favoring the Bare Escentuals Powder foundation, and I love it, Bare Escentuals Sephora Exclusive Get Started Kit - Fair (74 VALUE for $60).

But in summer if I sweat I can get little riverlets of foundation on my forehead and cheeks. I look like Dustin Hoffman in Ishtar. So I decided it was time to try something new. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation is what I settled on, mostly because its supposed to last (have I mentioned the sweating?) and it has so many colors to choose from. They have one that actually matches my skin. This stuff rocks!!!! It's pricey, but it will last me forever, because I'll go back to the powder foundation when it cools off, and remember, I'm taking care of me. So much so, that I decided to try a few other new products, all of which I am thrilled with.

The Frosting on the (Angelfood) Cake 

I got a bottle of  Benefit Posietint which is a sort of stain for your cheeks and lips. I have Benefit Benetint cheek and lip stain, which I love, but sometimes it's too dark. So I tried Posietint which is pinker and guess what? This stuff rocks!! (Are you sensing a theme here?)  Put it on under your foundation and let it dry. It will stay on all day, and sometimes all night. It makes your cheeks a pretty pink like you are Elle McPherson or newly in love, take your pick. It will not sweat off.  How many times can I mention sweat in this post?

I also splurged on Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright because I was on the Benefit page and I had trouble leaving. I would not usually pay this amount for an eye pencil, but I did because I was obviously off my leash. I'm so glad I did because... this stuff rocks, too!!! You apply it to your inner lower lids and to the corner of your eye on the inside and it truly does make your eyes look brighter and you more rested. Which now that I can see myself in my magnifying mirror, I really do need.

Still unable to leave the Benefit page, I then purchased Benefit Cosmetics Automatic Eyeliner Duo Pencil in "call me nutty" not only because I obviously am nutty, but also because this color of brown is great for me. It has a lining tip and a powder tip that smudges. That's pretty much all I need. To top things off I got Benefit BADgal lash mascara in black, because I was obviously being a very bad girl and the name was very suggestible. I think that's why they called it that. BTW, this stuff is wonderful and gives you big fat eyelashes.

Finally, I got some Bare Escentuals bareMinerals 100% Natural Lipcolor because I have found it to be the best lipstick I've ever used. It's creamy, and it lasts. Even if you sweat.

What Next?

I'm getting my poor husband to take my picture as I lose weight, and I swear I'm going to post them. I can't yet because it means I have to admit I am blogging about myself and not someone else. But I promise to put them on here soon. I can't really buy clothing yet because I'm losing more all the time and I don't want to waste money on things I won't be able to wear in a month.

So my next "Taking Care Of Me" thing was having my toenails and fingernails done. While they were working on me I started realizing that I haven't had my hair professionally cut in 5 years. That's right, I whack it off with sewing scissors in the bathtub. I have super curly hair so if its not straight its hard to tell, but even so, I have to admit a real haircut was overdue. 

So I went over to Strands hair salon, which I chose because they sold Aveda products, which are expensive. I figured they would probably know how to cut hair there based on the criteria (yep, I left no stone unturned in choosing a salon.) I got there and the very nice, very funny owner with an Italian name cut my hair, all the while exclaiming at how curly it was, how pretty it was, etc. THAT made me feel great! 

When I got home I realized that with my new makeup, haircut and mani-pedi I did feel one whole heck of a lot better about myself. I checked myself out in my makeup mirror and marveled at how fresh my makeup looked. Feeling confident, I went over to the full length mirror.  And... well, that is going to be a new post entitled "What Not To Wear." But that's okay. I'm sure I'll have a great time buying new clothes when the time comes.

Now, you go out there and do your version of a makeover. You deserve it. And when you finish you will really rock!!!!!

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