Friday, July 10, 2009

What Will My Lap Band Scars Look Like?

Not as Bad as I Feared!

First thing after my surgery I looked down my gown and was stunned to see that I did not have an incision in my belly button. Boy, did I feel stupid! I did a good bit of research on the Realize Band, but somehow I got it in my head that the surgery would be done through my navel and I never got it out. What I ended up with is five incisions: three tiny round ones, one about an inch long, and one about two inches long. They healed really quickly. My doctor told me to keep them out of the sun for one year and they will turn white. If they are exposed to sunshine before that they will stay pink.

Of course, this ruined my plan to wear a bikini the week after the operation -- not! Why do celebrities who have figure issues, scars, etc, wear bikinis? I don't get it. They mostly look great. Then they wear a bikini at 50 and you can see their surgery scars and everyone buys the National Enquirer to see it. Weird.

I will not be doing that. I doubt the Enquirer would care if I did, but even if it would get me in People I would not show my pasty, white, white, white tummy. It's white. And pasty. And now it has five scars.

Here's a picture of the scar placement. To spare everyone National Enquirer style shock, I'm using an illustration for this.

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Gwen said...

You might be surprised. I find I am wearing lots of bikinis, lap band scars and all. I didn't the first year, of course. But now I'm more comfortable. I never liked one-piece swim suits, and even though I am hardly the ideal physique--still need a tummy tuck, still lumpy and scarred, still need to lose 20 more lbs--I just don't care that much. I feel pretty good. So don't rule it out for next year or the year after; you may surprise yourself!