Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love My New Widget!

 Shelfari Rocks!
When I take on a new challenge, I like to do research. I've been an Amazon fan since the place opened, and if I would have followed my instincts I would have bought stock with them at the beginning. Amazon is my first stop when I'm trying to learn about something, and its where I've spent several hundred dollars on cookbooks and weight loss books lately. Amazon had kept me up at night, drained my bank account, caused my husband to shoot me the hairy eyeball when the mailman arrives, and yet, I love it still. When I love someone or something, I am loyal to a fault. It's how I am about everything, even food.

Amazon is also a great source for cooking equipment, makeup, gadgets,pretty much anything you could need on your journey to self improvement. I've written about some of these things, and I've been wishing there was a way to keep that information in front of you all the time, so its there when you need it. After all, once you read a post, it's out of your mind the next day. Several of the books I've recommended have really helped me through the pre-operative and post-operative period in ways I hadn't expected. I'm glad I had something to reference when I was feeling shaky, which was pretty often. No matter what the doctor told me to expect at each stage, I always started questioning what was going on when I actually experienced it. 

So today, when I saw Shelfari on someone else's blog, I immediately went on there and added books I've read, books I'm reading, and books I want to read (and some I suggest you consider reading as part of your lap band journey). I'm sure I'll be adding more. If you look on the left side of my blog you'll see the shelf of books I'm starting with. Several of them are cook books I'm checking out for ideas on better banded eating. Several others are about how to succeed with the lap band, and a few are on body dysmorphic disorder, since several people wrote to me that they, too are struggling with that.

I also threw on a couple of non-fiction memoirs and novels I've read recently. They are linked to my Amazon store, so if you buy one through my link I'll get a little bit of commission, and that would be wonderful. I keep trying to figure out a way to spend more time blogging, and making a bit of money for it would certainly help!  I'll try to keep the shelf updated as I read more. Hope you find something there that will help you on your journey to a new you.

Seeing that cute wooden virtual bookshelf reminded me that I'll never have enough shelf space here in the real world, and what I want to do it about it. Having finally decided that I'll never have enough shelves, I am lusting over the second edition Kendle at the oh, so cool reduced price. I have tried it, and it is wonderful. Easy to see, light, it reads to you in the car, just the greatest invention ever. Well, the coolest invention except for the Kindle DX, which costs more but is worth it because of its increased size and other new features. Oh, I want one!

The idea of being able to carry all my books, blogs, newpapers and magazines around with me, to be able to read in bed without waking up hubby, and well, basically having something so cool just thrills me. (I know, get a life!) If you're like me, and you love to read for fun, for education, for solace when your situation is confusing, and to keep your sanity when all else is going crazy, you too will probably want a Kindle. Oh, I want one.

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